Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Attending events

Tomorrow I will attend SweNug Gbg for the first time. Exciting! I had a real good time at the open space (in Gothenburg) one month ago and I'm hoping that tomorrow will be fun as well. But it's not without sacrifices: I'll have to catch the earliest train to Ystad (@ 05.40) to attend a driving lesson on Thursday.

On 3 October, I will attend Microsofts half-day on data access, in Malmö, where Erik Meijer and Jimmy Nilsson will talk. Erik Meijer is one of the (many) reasons that I chose to focus on .NET rather than Java. After you read this post, go and read all his papers! :)

A funny quote from the event page:
[...] in the first half of the last century, mathematicians invented monads, which have subsequently migrated to the computer science mainstream via functional programming (mainly Haskell) and have recently shown up as LINQ in C# 3.0 and Visual Basic.
Jimmy Nilsson is the author of Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns, which I read this summer, great book! And, by the way, Jimmy is the second best developer in Sweden (rated by ComputerSweden).

Finally, a note-to-self: try to write shorter posts and more often.

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Christian Genne said...

Just a note for you who weren't at the swenug event (all of you except me and Gustaf :), it was really successful! I recommend all of you interested in, not only .Net programming, but programming in general, to attend to the next event (sometime next month)!