Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome to Coffee Driven Development!

Hello and welcome to this novel blog, created by the developers and bloggers (and previously Chalmers students) Christian Genne and Gustaf Nilsson!

Coffee is indeed a very inspiring drink, and that is the reason for this blog's very existence. Without coffee, what would we do? From meeting over a cup of (yes) coffee, we decided to join together to create this blog. By blogging together we came to the conclusion that we will get more potential readers and more posts. Hopefully that's true :)

The next post will be a reflection over this meeting, the dialog we had and any potential conclusions we came to. We probably came to more unanswered questions than conclusions, but open questions are always interesting blog topics and maybe addressed in later posts!

And yes, if you are interesting in joining our blog, just drop a mail!

/ Team of Coffee Driven Development - Gustaf & Christian

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